Properly Prepare Your Construction Site With Bulldozer Services and Hydro-Mulching

One of the most important functions a developer must deal with whenever starting a new project is land clearing in Houston. Property in East Texas is often filled with forest or underbrush. In most cases, these plants will need to be completely removed. Eliminating this growth can be handled in several ways. Originally, small trees, shrubs and other underbrush was cut by hand using saws and axes. This is a very time consuming process which most developers cannot afford. To make the job go much smoother, the developer will either hire bull dozer services houston or have their own equipment. Bulldozing a construction site can have a few drawbacks whenever there is a lot of plant growth. Mostly, the problem results from disposing of the piles of dead plants that will accumulate.

One method of land clearing that is becoming very popular is magnolia tx land clearing. Hydro-axe services, sometimes known as forestry mulching or hydro-axe mulching houston uses custom tools that cut and mulch the plants. Hydro-ax mulching can be used on a variety of tree sizes provided the right sized equipment is used.


Properties with mostly underbrush and small pines can be cleared with a hydro-ax tractor that is about the size of the Bobcat tractor. Larger tractors are available that can handle a variety of tree sizes. For instance, the larger hydro-ax machines can cut and mulch trees up to forty five inch circumferences. One benefit to using a hydro-mulching system is speed. Large hydro-ax tractors can clear between two to five acres a day. This can greatly reduce the time required to condition the construction site.

Once the property is cleared you may still require a bulldozer to level and pack the dirt. This is an important step that must be done before you begin laying forms. Attempting to pour a slab over soft soils will simply produce a foundation that is prone to cracking. Even when the construction is underway there may be a need for bulldozers. For example, you may need to move landscaping products or reshape particular areas of the property.

Bulldozers are often the main tool for excavations because they can move a lot of dirt that the excavators may have trouble with. Other useful services for bulldozers include the clearing of smaller properties. Many property owners try to handle these jobs themselves, but operating a bulldozer requires some specialized skills. Attempting to clear your timber or brush without the help of an experienced operator could be very dangerous.